Monday, September 28, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook Entry 9-28-09

FOR TODAY, I have decided to join with a daybook blog. If you are interested in reading other's entries or adding your own, check out The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window... the leaves of the white birch shiver.

I am thinking...about what needs to get done today. Can I paint the bathroom baseboard too?

I am thankful for...all the people that supported our local library (see the picture below).

From the learning rooms...DS is doing his creative writing based on famous paintings.

From the kitchen... a turkey with cranberry stuffing is baking in the oven.

I am wearing...jeans and a jersey shirt.

I am creating... (need I say more).

I am going...make more dresses for Africa with the sheets that my husband put a hole in last night.

I am hoping...that I can figure out how to balance work and family.

I am hearing...Monsterquest, as a reward for DS who finished all his school work without complaint.

Around the house...there are things to be done.

One of my favorite things... flavored coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week: choir, dog's flea & tic medicine, homework, writing, book reviewing

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
This is DD at the auction for our local library. She worked her butt off. How did she get so old and so capable?

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Elena@Precious Treasures said...

Hi Dawn, thank you for visiting my blog.
Field trips are a great idea and fabulous as a learning tool. It also ‘refreshes’ everyone I think.

I like flavoured coffee too :)

God Bless,
Elena :)