Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sending Gifts - Helping Homeschoolers

As a homeschooling mom, I love my friend Meg. Meg is my world traveling friend. She currently lives in Germany. Today, we received a package from her.
Her packages have become famous in our house. You never know what they might include. We have received comic books written in Arabic, Iranian Flags, beautiful Middle Eastern fabric, playing cards from the United Arab Emirates (if you can't tell, she lived in Kuwait for awhile). Today's package included:
A book on the Tsars, stamps, money, caps, coins, a piece of the Berlin Wall, a Gecko like stuffed animal from Spain, Art cards. Her package keeps us busy for weeks looking up all the information about the items included. My daughter jokes that this proves that we are geeky homeschoolers because we think this stuff is so cool, but I think any kid would find it interesting. Sometimes peaking the interest of kids doesn't take thousands of dollars, it takes careful selection of interesting items.
I wish for every homeschool family that they may have a Meg, but they can't have mine because she is too cool and we love her.

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Dawn said...

Yes, Meg sounds like a very cool friend to have. What an exciting package to get in the mail.