Saturday, September 12, 2009

Enhancing your Family time

This morning on Facebook, one of my friends posted, "lazy, rainy day for cleaning". My response, "lazy, rainy day in my house apparently equates to hiking. Not sure how those two things equate, but we're off." And so we were.

DH did some quick letterbox hunting and found a good local spot to head out to. The hike was great. We had to bathe in bug spray, but the path was wide and almost completely falt. We saw incredible mushrooms (I must admit I have a fetish for mushrooms.

They can be so beautiful), salamanders,

and a waterfall. We did find the letterbox

and left our mark.

Afterward, we surveyed some of the local orchards. We got cider from one, some apple butter and marinades from another, and then one of my fall favorites, cider donughts at the last. MMMMMmmmmm - Good!

We then came home and watched Inkheart, an enjoyable family film and a great way to end a family friendly day.

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