Thursday, September 17, 2009

Promised Picture - Daddy Daughter Time

I know that I promised you a picture of DH and DD singing Kereoki at my B-I-L's birthday. We'll I finally got it today, so here it is:

See, dispite all the push and pull of the Daddy / Daughter relationship, they can still have fun. FYI, they are singing Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. Everyone, including my husband's mother, said that he won't do it, but I knew for just one minute of fun and bonding with his daughter, he would have walked over hot coals - - - In fact walking on hot coals may have been higher on the list of things to do for DH compared to singing in front of everyone. What we'll do for love!

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Andy's Bethy said...

My dad did karoke at my sister's birthday this summer (of course, she was turning 28) but I think walking across hot coals might have been higher on his list too. He sang YMCA, and it was hilarious, and adorable.
Daddy's really are wonderful. Looks like your daughter has a good one!