Monday, September 21, 2009

Diving Right In

I dove in literally. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have put on my swimsuit, let alone got in a pool. This weekend though, I did it. From running and exercising, I felt good enough about myself that I decided to take the plunge. Sports Illustrated certainly won't be calling me anytime soon, but I enjoyed myself and the kids enjoyed having me swim.

I guess that is when you know that you have gotten too out of shape: When your body starts stopping you from doing things that you love. I'm not asking to be Twiggy, but I need to drop some weight and get back to a reasonably healthy size.

The kids and I swam for hours. The pool at this Holiday Inn was not very large and although it had a posted limit of 2o it seemed crowded with even the three of us. I guess you could have twenty if everyone stood still. If you wanted to actually swim though, the limit was significantly lower. We were alone in the pool, except for an older couple that came in for a few hours to use the hot tub. We swam aggressively, swam slowly, swam under each others legs, hung on each other, floated around, and laughed. It reminded me of swimming with them when they were little, but they aren't so little anymore. They are practically bigger than I am. In fact, DD may have grown taller than me overnight. It was a very special time of closes that isn't as common as it was when they were toddlers. It was certainly an inspiration to get more of this weight off so that we can have many, many more times together.

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