Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Rising DesignStar - Dan Vickery

OnDemand (the ability to watch TV shows when you wish) is one of the greatest inventions of modern day, especially for busy mothers. My time to sit and watch is erratic and it seems when I do have time there is nothing worth watching or I am catching it in the last few minutes or worse than that can start it but not watch the end. Lately, I have been enjoying OnDemand to allow me to watch the Duggars and DesignStar. The Duggars, I have been following for a long time, but DesignStar is a new interest.

I’m not sure how I got into this show, but I am hooked especially on one particular designer, Dan Vickery. Dan’s vision and execution in the few rooms that they have done is so far beyond what the other designers have done, I cannot even verbalize. I keep watching because I want to see what innovative ideas he comes up with. Even in his grocery shopping room, I would be happy to live in it.

A show like this is best of reality tv. It is inspirational and full of creative ideas. I look forward to watching Dan Vickery’s future HGTV design show.

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Anonymous said...

I think Dan is a wonderful designer!!!! He is soo talented!! (And HOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!) I love the show Design Star. I think Dan should win.