Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Journey

I guess I should let you all in on my latest journey. It is a journey of many steps, but I don’t move very far as they are all on a treadmill. DS started this with his Personal Fitness Merit Badge work in which he was required to start a physical fitness routine. Then DD’s foray into the Sea Cadets also required a workout plan. How could I let them get fit and leave me in the ditch? The energy in the house was almost palpable. I had to join in. And so I have. I decided that I could definitively put aside 20 minutes a day minimum for my health.

I also have been trying to eat better not just in content but in quantity. Unlike my post the other day chiding the quality vs. quantity parenting argument, when it comes to food it is a true statement = less quantity with more quality. I realized when it came to food, I was truly becoming part of the Super Size Me generation. Not because I ate at McDonalds, but because I fill my plate and go back for seconds . . . no wonder my weight had gotten so far out of hand. Last night I realized how much my husband and I were passing this on to my children when we stopped at Ruby Tuesdays. DS ordered two mini-burgers and was quite happy with them, but DH couldn’t believe that he didn’t order the Super Colossal Burger. He was upset that DS was ordering so small a portion when he could have something else so large. Large! Huge! Enormous! I finally spoke up, “Leave him be. This is a much better portion size for him than that gigantic thing.”

DS added in, “The last time I ordered the Super Colossal Burger I couldn’t even finish it, Dad.” I thought this is what we have done. We have taught them to eat until they couldn’t eat any more. What a huge mistake. How had I gone from a mother so careful about nutrition: even making my own baby food to avoid additives to one that put mounds and mounds of food on the table or ordered ridiculous portions at restaurants and had appetizers and dessert? What was I doing to my kids, let alone myself?

My weight became very apparent to me as I took pictures for this blog. I had to pluck through many to pick out some that were reasonable and even those I was cropping to avoid showing certain body parts. This is not good. Plus, I am on the cusp of my 39th birthday and hoping that there are many more to come. So don’t be surprised to hear more of my (and my families) exercise and better eating experience.


MrsMomma said...

Have you checked out You may find that helpful in your exercising & eating healthy process. I did do it faithfully until I had a foot injury, but now that I'm all healed up, I need to start exercising agian.

You might be interested in my post here about it.

Gauri said...

Often taking the first step in this direction is important and the 2nd challenge is to keep the momentum going :) I so agree with you on the quality vs quantity argument in favour of the former. And I must tell you that in an attempt to get fitter before the Mumbai Marathon which happens in January 10 I intend to both lose weight and build my stamina to be able to jog though the 7 km dream run :) So good luck to you !! and I sincerely hope our enthusiasm lasts :)