Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Detroit - Creating the MOM-mobile

I think that as GM, FORD, and Chevy reconfigure their automotive style, they should really consider moms. I have really started to think of all the hours that I spend in my car and it is disgusting. I think that my car my rival my bed for total number of hours used a day. Mind you, it is not just the traveling but also the sitting time. After the gas price rise about a year ago, I seriously reconsidered how much driving I do and if it makes sense to drop the kids off and come back for them or to just stick around. Needless to say, I spend hours waiting in the car. I read, crochet, take naps, write, but I’d like to tell the automakers that a few key changes in design would be greatly appreciated:

Screen windows – Certainly as I sit because I am trying to save on gas the car is turned off and therefore can get very warm so I have to open the windows which inevitably lets in mosquitoes. Screens would be very helpful (and perhaps conversely in the winter a small solar powered space heater).

Swivel seat – While the driver’s seat is comfortable for driving, sitting in it for such long periods can get uncomfortable on the legs. So the ability to turn would be great especially if I could turn toward a work surface.

Central Console / desk / work surface – Wouldn’t it be great if I could bring my scrapbooking or Christmas cards and work right there in the car: Swivel that chair and bang a great work surface (perhaps it could be created by just flipping over the passanger's seat). Especially in those new cars with blue tooth technology, I could actually work and meet my family’s demands.

Removable pillow / changeable window tint – I can’t tell you the number of naps I’ve taken in the car especially during “Hell Weeks” (the week before a theater performance). But I am always concerned that someone will think that I am in distress so I would love to just “tint” the windows temporarily while I sleep. The pillow goes without saying and can conveniently be stored in the head rest. The tint will also be helpful for those times when the backseat is occasionally used as a dressing room as we run from one event to the next.

I think these are more than reasonable requests and not quite as unreasonable as some of my other ideas like remote driving, cars that can be driven as a pod two seater or transformed to a van, a holder for my yarn; so I hope Detroit will seriously consider these adaptations. What do you think should be added to the MOM-mobile?

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