Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Red Machine

Ok, this may not be as exciting as a little red GTO, but I was pretty pumped when we finally got it: my little red lawn mower. Our old push mower died a few weeks ago and we have been trying to figure out how to find money in our budget for a new one. Thank goodness again for credit card points. DH uses a credit card for expenses for which he gets reimbursed. Although I find this process a real pain in the neck, the point have really been helpful. Last year, his points helped us to afford Christmas presents for the kids. This year, it has helped us afford our little red machine. As soon as DH got her up and running, I was off and mowing. It may seem to be a pain in the neck to hand mow an acre yard, but so far it has really been a help to me as I battle the bulge. Between that and the clothesline in the cellar in lieu of a dryer (the bedrooms are on the second floor), I certainly get my exercise. Who needs a treadmill?
I'm hoping we will have enough points left over to get my doorbells.

Don't you think they are adorable?


MrsMomma said...

Great little red machine! ;) Isn't it great when you can combine exercise and everyday (or weekly) activities? The pineapple doorbell is adorable!

Andy's Bethy said...

I am all about combining everyday activities with exercise, and I am HUGE fan of the "solar powered dryer". I have an electric one for rainy days, but the line in the backyard gets used whenever possible. How wonderful to do something good for God's green earth, and make your sheets and clothes smell nice too!