Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opportunity Knocks - Saco, ME

When my sister visited from out west, we said goodbye pledging to see each other as soon as possible. Oh, how I wish I was infinitely wealthy or had a Star Trek transporter. There are so many places that I wish to see and people I wish to visit, but alas there are taxes, house repairs, car maintenance, cable bills, etc., etc. All I could promise is that if opportunity knocked, I surely would take advantage of it. Our family has been very lucky in that respect and has done most of our traveling that way. We have tacked many a personal trip onto business trips or taken business trips and added in a few hours of personal time. This was one of the many reasons we actually chose to homeschool. The freedom of a homeschooling schedule allowed us to go if the opportunity arose.

Last week DH mentioned an arising opportunity, a trip to Maine; granted it isn’t for very long – just overnight, but I am truly excited. I have never been to Maine. Ok, let me adjust that, I have driven into and out of Maine twice. But this would be a verifiable, actual overnight in the Pine Tree State. We will be in the Saco, ME area. The best part of these kind of trips is the limited cost on our part. DH would have to reserve a hotel room anyway, so we are just stowaways. The gas is covered too as he would be driving regardless. We just pay for food and extra activities. What is the difference between buying food here or buying food there? So opportunity has knocked and I am answering that door. Maine here we come.

I welcome any ideas of what we should do on this brief trip. If you have a favorite restaurant or destination near Saco, ME, please let me know.

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Dawn said...

Have fun in Maine! I've never been there, but it sure seems like a beautiful state. We do the same thing...stowaway with my husband whenever he has a business trip. :)