Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boot Tray

Sometimes you just have to take action into your own hands and stop wishing and dreaming. I have been dreaming of a shoe holder like this:

For my breezeway, but there are so many needs that come before this item that I’ll be lucky to have it in a couple years. Frankly though, I am sick of the shoe spread that has infected this area of the house. In our family, we have made it a habit to take off our shoes when we enter the house, which is a great help to house cleaning: no muddy tracks, less sand, and grass; but it makes for such an untidy look for our entry. On the positive point, the breezeway is in the back of this house and not the formal entry, but let’s be honest it is the entry that everyone uses. So I took matters into my own hands, grabbed a piece of wood, the hand saw, a hammer, and nails. Tada – a shoe rack:

Not perfect, but a little organization and serenity in my life.

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