Sunday, August 16, 2009

Manna from Heaven

One of the special things that we did this week was serve at a nearby homeless shelter. Like many of the missions that we undertake, I always think that we get far more than we give. This mission reminded me of an especially important lesson about God providing. It is so easy to think that it was we who served at the shelter, but really we were just the hands of God. I was especially reminded of this as I was trying to put the meal together.

As usual, money is tight and I wasn’t sure how I was going to afford the food materials that I needed to cook. I was frustrated at myself for volunteering and specifically saying exactly what I was going to make. Without having my old big freezer, I did not have a store to pull from but had to buy what I needed. DD had convinced me to try to make a meatloaf that a friend of mine had made for the crew that went to KY, but ground beef was $3.59 a pound. I kicked myself for not buying ground beef when we drove by a store with it on sale earlier in the week. I did not know how I was going to pull everything together.

I quietly prayed for God’s help in doing what my family needed but also fulfill His work on this earth. With that prayer came quite inspiration, I could combine ground beef I had with the turkey that I had bought on sale. Also, I had wanted to buy corn, but thought of the extra salad that I had on hand. I whipped up mashed potatoes and some pumpkin pies. As I cooked away, I thought of Moses and the Hebrews being fed with manna from heaven and while I was not gleaning this food from my lawn, the result certainly seemed the same. Where there was nothing, there now was sustenance.

Amazingly this was not the first time that I had experienced this mini-miracle, I had cooked for church or other mission type projects and somehow I had just enough flour or one more egg than I thought. It always seemed to me that God was working with me. I was doing His work and He was helping me along. Thank God for all His miraculous ways. I pray that he will continue to use me and my family. We are ready to follow.

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Gauri said...

Thumbs Up for your wonderful action and all the efforts needed to accomplish this task:)