Friday, August 14, 2009

Primitive Appeal

When we bought our new home, one of the things that appealed to us about it was its primitive style. One elements of this style was evident in this dining room fixture. It was certainly not a fixture that I would have chosen, but I absolutely love it. It is as much a piece of art as anything else in the house and surely make a style statement.
I am not sure if you can quite see in this picture but the entire center conical shape is punched out in different designs. I can't wait to decorate it with greenery for Christmas.
To see what others wish to Show and Tell, visit There is No Place Like Home using the link below.

Show and Tell


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I"ll bet it will look wonderful wearing Christmas greenery and ribbons. Will you put shades on the bulbs? I've always wanted a fixture I could decorate for the seasons but alas, in my DR hangs what I call a spider over the cieling fan. lol!

Love Bears All Things said...

That would appeal to me, too.
Mama Bear

Leann said...

I can't really see it, but I can imagine that it's beautiful and Christmas decorating - well that's right up my alley!!

Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love visitors!


Anne Fannie said...

I am sure it will look lovely during the holidays decorated with garland, etc.
Thanks for sharing this Show and Tell Friday!

MrsMomma said...

Nice! You will have to show pics of it decorated later, but I'm imagining it and it looks beautiful! :)


Carrie said...

Decorated with holly and evergreen it will be a cheery focal point!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

That will be beautiful at Christmas, won't it? You'll have to Show and Tell it again then.