Friday, October 2, 2009

We found it - Geocaching

As dinner was cooking tonight, we decided to take an excursion. I had looked up some local geocaches (it is amazing how many there are) and we plugged one into the GPS. While dinner boiled and roasted, DS, DH, and myself headed out. DD stayed home to supervise the cooking (and I think play on the computer a bit). DD is not a fan of hiking, not that you can call what we did hiking. That is one of the unique things of geocaching is that not all of them do require hiking. Some are planted in very public, very highly traveled areas. This one was kind of in between. Most of the walk was on pavement with only a few hundred feet in the woods. I'm glad that it wasn't a micro-cache as I don't think we would have found it. The GPS was less than perfectly accurate. But we did find it:

And her are my co-conspirators:
They claim taking this picture made them blind, so they backed up a bit for a better shot:

Can you tell my poor diabetic husband hasn't eaten yet. I did take him home to a delicious dinner of corned beef and roasted potatoes, carrots, and onions. I encourage you to go find caches in your area to leave your mark.

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