Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Half Way Through the Race

Ironically after yesterday's dream, we heard today that we have made it through the first few hoops toward becoming foster parents. We are by no means through the gauntlet, but we are well on our way. We are expecting the invitation to the parenting classes in the mail. When I went to church tonight to choir, I thought to myself I'm going to have a hard time not running up to this child and hugging him and telling him, "We've been waiting a long time for you. Welcome!" Certainly, I hope that I get that same message across but he probably doesn't need to be accosted on his first day with us.

Foster Care have always been on our mind, but this is the first time that life has been in a position that we could move on it. It has been so much on our mind that our children have always been told that when they were in high school we probably would foster or adopt children. It is somewhat ironic that we are exactly at that point.

So many times I have questioned if we would be good foster parents. There are times when I wonder if we are good parents (period) There are days when I'm frustrated or they are driving me insane, but it was this commercial series that haunted me and made me look at everything in perspective.

My husband and I may not be perfect parents, but we love our children and would do anything for them. There are far more days of laughter than frustration in our house. And if our kids are any indication, I think so far, we are doing ok. I am so proud of them. So if you could all pray that we continue forward in our path, I would appreciate it. Pray that God gives us continued guidance and support and that every child waiting for a family knows that they are loved and that the world grieves for the troubles they face. If any of you have experience with foster care, please send along your hints.


Andy's Bethy said...

What age are you hoping to foster? Sibling groups or just one at a time? Long term or short?
My parents did some fostering when I was a child. I loved it, as a child, but it was very heartbreaking for my mom to have to give them back when she didn't always know if "back" was the best place for them.
Prepare yourself for that in advance. Giving love is so very needed, so please, please do it. But, prepare yourself.

movinginspirals said...

This is such a nice thing to do. One of my clients is a foster care agency and there are so many kids waiting for a good family. I often read their stories as I put together the newsletter or other marketing materials and their stories are heartbreaking. I'm sending you some good energy!
And thanks for stopping by my blog! It's nice to meet you.