Sunday, October 25, 2009

Watching the News

I am a newsie. I love watching the news and learning about the world. I don't mean the evening news, where you hear about car crashes, murders, and sunny days that never actualize; but great news reporting like you find on PBS, NPR, and my favorite news broadcast Sunday Morning . Of course, I wish Sunday Morning wasn't on Sunday morning as I miss a lot of it due to church. I though find a great online resource for news stories like this PBS Frontline. I stumbled across the site the other day when I was looking up the Kidnapped Bride story and I am hooked. The stories that I have found on the site are global in nature; they are personal; and they are well presented. This will be a great site to use for my dd's homeschooling.

Here is one of the stories that I found when perusing the site. I thought it was an irronic story since I found it online, but let's hope that using the computer never gets like this.


Renu said...

Your background colour is very nice:)

movinginspirals said...

Eating a lazy breakfast and watching Sunday Morning is a Sunday morning tradition at our house – when there is not dance class (which there is right now). We all love the show and my daughter actually picks up a lot of great information from it – she especially enjoys Bill Geist and Mo Rocca.