Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maine Tourism

I know that you all are going to think that I am getting paid off by the Maine Tourism Council, but truly I am not. As I have mentioned I have wanted to go to Maine for a long time, and this year that desire has come to me in spades. I have now been to Maine 3 times since September. This last trip being the longest.
This time we were a little farther north, a bit above Bangor. I would tell you the town, but apparently there is no town and no local government (my kind of place). We actually had to boat in to the cabin we were staying in.

We had no running water, no electricity, and an outhouse BUT we had a wonderfully relaxing time. Even the kids, who I thought might have computer / electronics withdrawl, wished that we didn't have to leave when the weekend was over.

Although it is my goal to get our passports this year, I'm beginning to wonder why we need them with so many wonderful places right in our backyard.

PS. The next state on my wish list is South Dakota and the next individual place is Mammoth Cave in KY. But I will admit that I've learned to take advantage of the opportunities that come along, so who knows where I'll be next. . .maybe another visit to my new favorite state.

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