Thursday, October 1, 2009

Science Curriculum

You that homeschool that homeschool will find this humorous. DD was coming to the end of her Science books and so last night I went on Christian Book and ordered her a new set of Science and Social Studies (she is almost done with those). So this morning, she decided that if she really pushed, she could finish her Science book and then have a few days with no science since her books were not scheduled to arrive for 3-5 days. So as she promised she finished her Science books at about 11:00am this morning.

Now you may think that that is my tale today and appreciate that we all find our inspiration in different ways, but this is actually a humerous tale and one with a cautionary message. At a little after noon, the UPS truck pulled up to our house with her new Science books.

Moral: Do count your chickens before they hatch OR don't count on being free from Science before the UPS truck comes.

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