Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sites to See in Central Massachesetts

Yesterday, we explored a little scenic culture in this new town of ours. We rambled up to West Brookfield to enjoy the Asparagus Festival and then ambled down to the Brimfield Flea & Antique Market. What a crazy day. I truly enjoyed the Asparagus Festival. I imagine it is somewhat like what our old hometown fair was like 100 years ago. There were just a few vendors spread across the town green. There were plenty of people but not so many that you couldn’t get into the booths to see people’s wares. We even got to enjoy a cup of Asparagus chowder. My girlfriend, Shirley, had heard that there was to be asparagus ice cream, but we didn’t find it. I’m not sure that that was a great loss. The festival was small enough that we had time to head down to the Flea Market too, so we rallied up and headed down.

The Flea Market was absolutely overwhelming. I don’t think we saw even a 10th of it. It did make me happy that we avoided Brimfield in our search for a home. Coming from a town that is completely overwhelmed during our annual fair, I did not want to move to a town that had this three weeks a year. I may as well have moved to Disney World or into the city if I wanted that. We wandered in and out of some of the tents looking at all of the interesting items for sale. I think because I just moved my view point was a little bit skewed. All I kept thinking as we walked around was how difficult it would be for these vendors to pack their items up – especially the China dealers. I didn’t buy anything except for a cup of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but I’m going to make sure I’m ready for the July & September markets. I think that this might be a great place to go Christmas shopping.

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