Sunday, May 31, 2009

Finding A New Church

We may have found it – a church. Due to his back, dear husband did not go, but the kids and I went down to Brimfield to check out the church. We are Congregationalist, but I have come to find that the term Congregationalist means a wide variety of things. Certainly there are core beliefs that we all hold, but how that translates into action is varied based on the local minister. The first church we tried was pleasant, but just did not seem to fit our needs. This one though had strong scriptural basis. It had a bit of a contemporary lean, but not quite as strong as the one we had been to previously. I have to admit that I tend to have a conservative bent and really enjoy the old hymns.

Today was surely a full day at church as they had a baptism, joining of new members, and installation of church board and committee members. We did get a little time to speak to the minister afterward. We asked questions about confirmation, Sunday School, missions, and Bible Study. Not everything matched what we were looking for, but I was impressed with a minister that said that when he was looking for a church, when he was interviewed, he was asked what the most important part of the church was. He relayed that he responded, “The church doors as they were the way out into the community.” I was hooked. I think we’ll be going back next Sunday. And as an extra bonus, it meets my daughter's criteria of having a steeple that you can see reaching above the trees as you drive into town. Actually, it eerily looks like our old church.

Here is a sample of why we loved our church:

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