Thursday, May 21, 2009

Companies with Vision

Seeing Right
Glancing About

Finding your way along the path

Clarifying Optics
Restoring Sight
Correcting Vision

Seeing Objects
Holding Truth
Knowing your plan

My dear husband had to go to the ophthalmologist this morning. Unfortunately, as a diabetic, there can be many visual problems that arise. DH has been battling diabetes for over 10 years and has come to a point where oral medication is no longer working well. Optical visits are a mandatory precaution for diabetics and are supposed to be done annually. DH however has put this trip off for five years. So now that we are moved and have health care, here we are.

While we were waiting for our appointment, I overheard an interesting conversation between another patient and the optometrist. The patient had wanted to schedule an appointment for next week, but the optometrist said that it would have to be another time because next week they were closed for volunteer week. He went on to explain that the entire office goes to Haiti on a medical mission. I was very impressed. Apparently, we have found an eye center with vision.

What missions do places that you spend your money at support?

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