Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cut Adrift - Finding Excuses to go to Church

Before we moved, we were regular church goers. Now it seems we’ve gone once since we’ve moved. Twice, if you count the day my husband and kids went to our old church. They were back down there picking up my son from a Scouting Camp. We are going to try another church this week, but it just doesn’t feel the same and not having that strong connection makes it too easy to skip. In fact, in our old church that was one of the reasons I started volunteering: too often life would get in the way. Once I started teaching in the Sunday School, I had to go. This was before my husband used to come to church, so he would often cajole me with “why don’t you just stay in bed”, “it is such a beautiful day why don’t we get something done in the yard”, “why don’t we go . . . instead”. It was very hard for me to refuse such offers. When I began teaching though, there was no choice, I had to be there.

If you are looking for an excuse to go to church, here are some jobs that many churches look to get done on Sundays:

-offertory volunteers
-helpers with communion either behind or in front of the scenes
-bakers of the communion bread (depending on the church)
-Sunday School or Nursery Volunteer
- Choir member
-Coffee Hour Host or Hostess

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Always a Southern Girl said...

You are so right! We all need to feel like we are being held accountable. After I got married and moved it was so easy just to skip church. After all know one would know if I wasn't there right? God did though.

We moved again, and we have finally found a church we both really like, it's just 45 minutes away from our house. But we do stay faithful in attending. Only once in the last 4 months have we just slept in.

It's so hard to find a church where you feel really comfortable. I will say a prayer that God will lead you where He can use you most!