Sunday, July 20, 2008

Publically Correct to the Nth Degree

Please know that I believe that it is important to be sensitive to people’s differences and to find all possible ways to be inclusive, but I think that I have heard of the most ridiculous case of this ever. I happened to catch National Public Radio’s (NPR) show Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me yesterday as I brought my daughter to the library for her volunteer service. This show does a great job of making being knowledgeable funny. The host leads contestants through a series of questions about current events. I know this sounds like a nerdy way to spend your time, but I dare you not to laugh out loud. On this particular show, one particular story caught the panel and me completely offguard. It was a story about people with disabilities. I am sure if I asked you whether we should break down barriers so that people with physical challenges have more opportunities that you would immediately agree with me. But and this is a B I G “but”, what if that person is blind and he or she is applying for a job as an air traffic controller.

I’ll give you a minute for that one to sink in. Yes, I said blind and air traffic controller in the same sentence. Apparently on the Isle of Scily in Great Britain, the St. Mary’s Airport is making the job application for air traffic controllers available in Braille. Ok, I’m all for inclusion, but this is SILLY. What is the benefit to anyone? Isn’t this taking the idea beyond its logical conclusion? While it was funny in the news story, it doesn’t strike me as funny in real life. It strikes me as stupid and a waste of money and time. Does anyone have common sense?

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