Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Benefits of Marriage

The men are back home . . .It has been a long quiet week: only one load of laundry. I think I ran the dishwasher twice. No meal planning – I think we had baked potatoes one night, clams another. It was so easy and quiet. Did I mention how quiet it was. Now they’re home, I have a homemade lasagna in the oven and there is a pile of laundry to be done. This situation might beg the question – why do women get married? I think all married women have asked themselves this question at one time or another (except maybe those that are still in the honeymoon phase.). Sometimes it seems that the husband takes as much time and energy as the kids. Wouldn’t it/ Couldn’t it be easier alone?

Each time I ponder this question, I fortunately come back with a resounding “NO!” The men – my son and husband – are critical members of our family. Quiet may seem nice but truthfully it is BORING. No laundry and no dishes are nice, but without lively conversation and a reason to clean who cares.

I remember years ago, when my mother and I were arguing about why I was marrying my husband. Why would I give up a man at MIT to see an electrician? My answer was simply that he made me laugh. And to this day, he continues to do that. He makes me laugh, cry, yell, smile. Our relationship makes life worth living. Our relationship takes life from survival to emotion. It is the difference between a flat line and a health sinus rhythm.

What makes your spouse worth your time and energy?

Well, I better finish this up so that I can go get some Italian bread to go with the lasagna.

PS. I did talk to the neighbor’s wife. I simply started by asking if she was ok. . .I’m not sure that it helped at all, but I was able to get out that this is not something you want to do around your son and reminded her that our door is always open.

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