Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In this economic time, saying that you are moving is more of a question than a statement. My husband took a new job in February and we began to get the house ready for the market. It went on the market on June 2nd. Here we sit in July with no real action to speak of. Now we have to contemplate changing the price. Of course, the discussion about changing the price led to a difficult conversation with my husband. Who finally frustratingly told me to “do whatever you want”. As if I want any of this! I would rather just enjoy my home and friends here, but I’m not for forever transitions either. Half of our life is packed in boxes in the cellar. We’re afraid to sign up for anything because we don’t know if we’ll be here. We didn’t even plant a garden.

I understand his concern of leaving money on the table, but I am afraid of never even getting to the table.

Ironically, this weekend we visited with friends that moved out of town last year. They had their house on the market, sold, and moved half way across the country in less than 45 days. It took us 4 months to get the house to market (and there are still projects to finish), it has been on the market for two months, and I don’t think that we are anywhere near the end. I remember thinking that they had underpriced their house, but perhaps they were smarter than all of us as they are happily resettled in Missouri.

I wonder when this economic downturn will change. As I reduced our price, which will take effect next Monday, I'm making a bet that it will be longer rather than shorter. Now I have to worry that we’ll have enough money to buy a new home up in Massachusetts.

Anyone else stuck in this real estate bubble? What strategies are you using?

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