Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Black Socks Cause Memory Loss

Where are my black socks? Where are the report covers? Do we have watch batteries? Do you have the kids’ camp health forms? Where was I going when I walked out here?

What is the difference between these five questions? I could answer the first four, BUT #5 - - -well, needless to say, I just walked back down the hall and whatever I needed must not have been too important because I seem to be doing ok without it. I am now convinced that the AMA (American Medical Association) should immediately conduct a study about the correlation of women’s ability to store worthless information and women’s memory loss.

Let’s do a quick test:
1. What is your husband’s social security number?
2. List all the birthdates for your immediate family?
3. What is your child’s school’s phone number?
4. What is for dinner tonight?
5. What 5 things do you need to pick up at the store?
6. Do the kids have books out at the library?
7. When is the next doctor, dentist, orthodontist appointment for a family member?

I am sure that I could list 50 more questions that you could answer. But now for the trick question – where are your car keys? For me it is not always that specific even. Sometimes it means not remembering the name of someone you’ve casually known for years or going in the other room to get coffee and coming back without it (of course on that same trip I got a pen, wrote my husband’s doctor’s appointment on the calendar, and got my son a cookie, but I still came back without my original intent – what was that again ??? Oh, yeah – coffee).

I think the AMA would find in their study that while men do experience some memory loss with age that the most pronounced affect would be found in women. I primarily account for the space saved in a man’s brain by their ability to block all birthdays and anniversarys. Let alone the fact that many only schedule their own time and are not responsible for the comings and goings of every member in the household. Also, they don’t really have to know where their black socks are because they know that they can always just ask you.

BTW – My husband claims that GoldToe Over the Calf dress black socks are the best and they are in the top drawer on the left.

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