Saturday, December 5, 2009

Knockout Entrepreneur By George Foreman - a book review

Do you ever read outside of your comfort zone? This book, Knockout Entrepeneur by George Foreman, was suprisingly good. I choose to read it for its entrepreneurial advice, but became fascinated by the man. If you are not familiar with George Foreman, his first call to fame was as the heavyweight champion of the world, which he achieved not just once, but twice. His second call to fame was the George Foreman Mean Lean Grilling Machine, a product that has grossed him millions of dollars. This book ties these two event together as a guide to help you achieve business success.
The writing in this book is chock full of inspirational quotes, so much so that I could not help but pull out a pencil to underline them. I was also impressed with his Godly view on life and how strongly he adhears to his beliefs (even when it costs him money). I found the entire George Foreman story inspirational and will be passing this book on to both DD and DH to read. DH will appreciate the business advice and DD will be inspired by his determination, grit, and faith.
Note: This book was provided to me as a Thomas Nelson Book Reviewer, but I am free to express my own opinions about what I read. For more information, see

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