Friday, December 4, 2009

Friendship braclets with a twist

DD is a friendship bracelet addict. She even has medium sized safety pins on her Christmas list (so that she can easily pin the threads to her pants for proper knotting). She always carries multiple colors of thread in her purse so that she can pull out her project at any moment. In doing so recently, she has extended her bracelets to a necklace (see in the picture to the right). Unlike bracelets which are often knotted on for life, she added a toggle so that the necklace can come off. I think she is going to try adding a charm to the next one.
I find this hobby interesting because it is such a timeless and universal craft. Friendship bracelets have been made since I was little. So don't be surprised this Christmas when you open your Christmas gift and find a DD original.

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Gauri said...

Well Dawn DD sure seems to be a part of the really creative lot. I agree with you ...we might just be witnessing tomorrows accessory designer taking true form :)
And if that does happen one day ...i would be able to say ...yippe I have the famous DD's mother on my facebook ;)