Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finding Your Inner Child

DD and I were joking about finding your inner child as she was being a grinch and was begrudgingly decorating the library for Christmas. The director told her that she had lost her inner child and she should start to look for it. Of course, this got DD and I laughing hysterically later. I even changed my FB status to "Amber Alert - Amber Alert - DD's inner child is missing" (I did put a note that it was a joke as not to really scare anyone with the use of the Amber Alert). But last night it was actually I who got to explore my inner child.

The local library invited artist Gregory Maichack to present a pastels class. DD talked me into going and I got to play with crayons (well, not really crayons but pastels). The focus of the workshop was on Claude Monet's work, style, and life. Not only did we learn about him, but we got to try our hand at it too. First, we worked to replicate one of Monet's pictures and then we were set free to try what we liked (mind you the whole workshop was only 2 hours so there wasn't that much time). I brought some pictures from home. In Monet's memory, I chose to try my hand at one of my black-eyed Susans. I don't think you'll be looking for my gallery opening anytime soon, but it was an enjoyable evening that allowed me to try something I really hadn't prior (except maybe Jr. High if that counts). And the best thing was that it was free and all the materials were provided - a rare holiday treat for me.

Here is the original picture:

Here is my attempt - cropped by the scanner since the original is too big for the screen:
So, I guess my question today is: what are you doing to encourage your inner-child?

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