Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If I homeschool will my child be able to get a job?

One of the biggest fears of the general public is how does homeschooling prepare children for their future? Will they be employable or just end up on the public rolls? What they don't realize is that many homeschooling parents worry about the same thing. We know that we only have one chance at this. Unlike in a public school, where children fail, quit, or expelled every day, and then they still have a crowd of children still to educate; the children that we teach are our own. If homeschooling fails, the repurcussions have a direct impact. We worry every moment if we have made the right choices and are properly equiping our children for their future. Yesterday, part of my answer came as it relates to my family. DD received her sub-professional librarianship certificate. It is almost like an apprenticeship certificate for librarians. Whether this becomes her permanent career path will remain to be seen, but at least it gives her an option. I am so proud of her hard work and look forward to continue to see her develop in this area.


Andy's Bethy said...

What fun! That would be a fun job to have, I think.
I was taught at home, then taught in a private school for a couple of years myself. So, yes, a homeschooled child can get a job.
I actually HATE that question - it is like asking if we are actually learning/teaching anything at home. So many of the friends I grew up with have done amazing things with their lives, many of them even without college, "even though" they were homeschooled.
So don't let anyone stress you out!

Dawn said...

Words of wisdom Andy's Bethy : ) Thanks for the support.