Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Decorating Dilema

I keep looking in my kitchen nook thinking that I should put a small table there:

and then I swing my head 180 degrees and look at the kitchen counter.


Oh, no! The family does not need another place to dump things. I really must ask, "Why does a jacket belong on the kitchen counter?" Mind you I have a mud room with hooks for coats, there is another one not 10 feet farther, another set of hooks at the top of the cellar, and goodness forbid, they walk the 25 feet to the actual closet. What is it about empty flat spaces in a house that calls for people to fill it?  I think I'll leave the other corner to the animals.

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The Blog Fodder said...

Hi, Dawn, I followed you home. But you won't have to feed and water me.

Ella and I raised four kids over 30 years and two days and there were never enough places to set, throw, dump or drop stuff. We had a huge room we called the dining room and it was just for polite company. The rest of the time the big dining room table was workbench, book drop, sewing room and anything else that was needed.