Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Breast Cancer Action Month

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone is turning everything pink and posting cancer support statements on their Facebook pages, but who is taking real action.

Instead of taking the 10 minutes to change your blog background, do a self breast exam.  Directions are here, but how you do it isn't as important as doing it regularly and notifying your doctor of any changes.

Instead of wearing a cute pink lapel pin, how about tying up your sneakers and participating in one of the many Breast Cancer Walks planned.  I myself am planning to participate in one this weekend with my church.  If you can't walk yourself but would like to sponsor my walk, you can visit here.

Instead of putting it off again, set a date to get your mammogram done.

Instead of positing a frivolous Breast Cancer post on Facebook, learn a new fact to help reduce your odds of getting breast cancer and share that with your friends.

How about just get off the computer entirely and get some exercise  ; The fact I learned today is that with as little as four hours of exercise a week, you can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer.

Let's change this month from just awareness to action.


Carrie said...

Breastfeeding two about to be three kids is my breast cancer prevention/action plan. :)
Ha ha.
I get kind of annoyed at the silly stuff that goes on and haven't heard a lot of positive feedback about the Susan G. Komen thing...?? I know it's controversial but I agree, your post has ACTIVE things to do...not just post vague references on your facebook status to intrigue others curiosity. What was it this year, where your purse is or something? Crazy stuff. Bothers me.

Dawn said...

Breastfed myself too. I wonder how many people realize that that is actually a positive choice as it relates to their health not just the baby's. Thanks for visiting, Carrie.