Sunday, October 5, 2008

Trading Spouses or Trading Houses?

Talk about being caught in the economy . . .Grrr! We went to look at houses (and I saw the room with the map – it could be used as an office) today, but I’m just not sure that it is worth our time. Without our house selling, we can’t move. However, if the old company goes out of business or next September comes, we will be out of health insurance. I don’t blame people for not wanting to move right now given the economy, but I have to move and I need someone to buy my house.

I have begun to blame HGTV and such shows that show perfect houses. My house is not perfect, but it is in very good shape. Whoever buys this house will buy a better house than our family bought 12 years ago. We thought that we would be here forever so we didn’t start with the cosmetics like the kitchen and bathrooms. We focused on the big ticket items furnaces, gutters, roofs, and a new bay window. I have no one makeover my house and given the fact that we keep dropping the price, it sure doesn’t inspire me to spend more.

My husband and I have always worked hard and been honorable (or at least tried to be). But I am beginning to wonder what is right and what is wrong. Correct me, but I believe that our friend Joe Biden mentioned the other night in his debate with Sarah Palin that banks should work to alter the rates and the PRINICIPLE of homes that are being repossessed in this crisis. My home is not being repossessed and we work hard to keep it that way. I am not opposed to the banks working with those in financial trouble. I think they should work to adjust the rate or the term, but the PRINCIPLE. Could someone take that special marker to my house first? How would you ever decided who deserved a reduction? Or how much they deserved? How is this fair to other homeowners let alone taxpayers that are not homeowners?

I realize that like the Parable of the Vineyard Workers I should not worry what others get or don’t get, but one, this is the ultimate redistribution of wealth – taking from those that can barely afford it so that they soon too need a handout from the government and two, if we don’t make this change by the time our health insurance expires we will fall to that level anyway. Also, DH is commuting everyday to Mass. Thank goodness right now his boss is paying for the gas, but if that stops then we won’t be able to afford to get him to work. And while his boss is paying for gas, it doesn’t make up for the mileage that is being put on the truck, eventually it will give out and then all we’ll have is another bill.

I’m trying to think outside the box and even found a house online for less than $50,000 in a small town in Mass. Although it might need a lot of work, we could at least move up to it and use it as our primary residence, thus moving us to Mass and allowing us to be residents and therefore making us eligible for his new employer’s health insurance. It would be inexpensive enough that we could wait for this house to sell. After that, we could buy what we originally planned and either rent or sell the other home. Where would I get the $50,000 given the credit crunch, you ask? I will admit the idea of Trading Spouses crossed my mind - - anyone know their web address? See the economy has made me delusional.

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