Monday, October 6, 2008

No Health Insurance - The Real Economic Crunch

Today brought to the forefront the crux of yesterday’s rant.

DH called at about 2pm, “Your worst nightmare has come true.”

I couldn’t even think. I thought he was kidding. “What are you talking about?”

“XXXXX is going out of business.” He went onto explain that the employees of the company that we used to work for were asked to leave the premises on Friday and that today a police officer was standing outside the shop. Now you are probably asking how this affects us if we don’t work their anymore, but one, they owe my husband money for commissions and two, our health insurance is covered under COBRA with them. As I explained yesterday, we can’t get put on the new company until we move to MA, we can’t move to MA until the house sells. Anyway, I called the health insurance administrator and to make my day, he informed me that my insurance was not ending at the end of the month which is bad enough, but that it was retroactively being cancelled to the middle of last month. I tried very hard to compose myself and object because we had not only paid for September already but also for October to which he nicely replied, “We’ll be sending you a refund.”

Of course, I’m calculating the full cost of DH’s meds for last month, plus DD’s trip to the pediatrician, and my mammogram. I’m thinking this is not going to balance out. Of course, I may not have elected the pediatrician and mammogram if I knew that I did not have health insurance.

While we are trying to mull through the very few options that we have available, DH breaks the mood with, “On the positive side, I found an Alaskan quarter today.”

So here is the summary of my day, my family no longer has health insurance, but we have an Alaskan quarter. You’ve got to laugh, because otherwise you’ll end up crying in a locked bathroom (ooops that was earlier today.)

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