Sunday, November 14, 2010

When Do You Put Up Your Christmas Lights

Is it November or December?  I am shocked at how many people have Christmas lights out already.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Christmas and Christmas lights, but November 14th.  What is it about our culture that we are always looking forward to something bigger and better as opposed to enjoying where we are currently?  Are they going to celebrate Thanksgiving? or just zoom right by to Christmas?  I'd like to think that extending the holiday allows them to enjoy it more, but I have the feeling that it probably just brings more stress (and I'm sure an even larger electric bill).

When do you put up your Christmas lights?


Anonymous said...

It usually starts snowing in October where I live so we try to get our lights up early. Although we don't turn them on until after Thanksgiving. This year we were lucky and didn't get snow until yesterday and we procrastinated with the lights. We still got them up a day before it started snowing though.

Dawn said...

I'm thinking that is why everyone here does it so early too, but there is no snow and that doesn't account for the trees in their houses.

On the positive side, it will be much easier for you after Thanksgiving. You'll flick a switch, we'll be battling with strings of lights.