Friday, November 5, 2010

Abundance of Apples

Ok, what do you do with a bushell and a half of apples when you bought them for Halloween and have most of them left over?

  An apple pie is obvious, and I did make one for the family.  However, that only accounted for 5 cups out of a lot, lot more.

So, I just kept going.  I didn't make whole pies, but just the insides.  I read up on freezing pies and people were very positive about multiple ways to do it.  I opted for space reasons to just  do the insides of the pies.  They are mixed according to the recipe and then frozen. 

When I am ready to make the pies, I will take them out, thaw them, put them in the pie shell, and cook normally.  Given all the extra apples we have, our family should be having pie about twice a month through spring.  Would you like to come for dessert?

Note:  If you are wondering why I bought so many, I must confess that I have a condition that requires me to over cook for company, over plan our trips, and over purchase for any activity that I am not 100% sure of the number of people attending.  And frankly I think this is a fairly common female affliction.

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Andy's Bethy said...

That pie is so nicely full. I always end up making an apple pie because I have a couple apples that have gotten bruised and need to be used. Then, once I cut them up, and the bruised part off, it is a measly little pie. Not that my family minds. My Mom would just eat plain pie crust half the time. But, yours just looks lovely - I will make sure I get plenty of apples for my next pie. Enjoy your frozen, time saving, future pies!