Sunday, February 13, 2011

Throwing a Sweet 16 Party

A sweet 16 to many girls is like a segment of the MTV show, Sweet 16

but it doesn't need to be like this.  Sometimes simple is more unforgettable than over the top (and frankly, way more affordable.).  We had DD's 16th at my cousin's tea room with 6 girls and 6 adults.  Four of these girls that have been together since DD was in pre-school.  This is our Girl Scout troop.  A group of friends that I hope will last long after they age out of the Scouting program.  I reminded them after the toast what a special group of friends they are and that they have something rare that I hope they will work to preserve.  They were certainly the perfect group to celebrate this special day.

Don't worry, this is sparkling cider, but just another touch that made the day super special.  What do the 16 year olds really want?  I think they just want to feel "adult".  They want to feel like a new section of their life has begun.  So this was a delightful way to celebrate the birth of my baby girl.  We had assorted yummies from cucumber sandwiches to American scones to hand made heart chocolates.  I think it all translated into an unforgettable day. 

This is the birthday girl and me at the celebration!  The only negative is that I think, based on a comment today, that dear husband (her father) felt a little left out.  I guess I need to learn to share my princess a bit.


Kim said...

I agree about having a party that doesn't break the bank. Looks like yours was WAY fun and special!

Here in Argentina the 15th is the big one for girls and parents usually spend a LOT of money on either a party (or three) or a big trip for the girl and a friend or two (i.e., to Disney World or to Europe). It's almost like a birthday and a prom and a graduation all thrown together, between the parties, the dress(es), the photo shoots... It's CRAZY!

Dawn said...

I figured it was either a huge party or college. I figured this was a no brainer.