Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time is still Ellusive and other things I have learned in our first week of foster parenting

First of all, this is actually moving into our second week as foster parents which goes to prove that time is elusive. Some how time is slipping through my fingers. We are intensive foster parents which means that DS2 came to us with "issues" and thus far each appointment that we have been to has spawned off at least one if not two new appointments. We have gotten him back to school and continued his involvement in basketball, while trying not to give our biological children a raw deal. This has certainly meant a little fancy dancing, a lot of driving, and the cancellation of some of DH and my scheduled activities. Somehow though, we are making it work.

Some of the lessons that I have learned over the last week are:

  • Life would not be the same without DH.
  • Laughter can dispel even the worst temper.
  • A smile is contagious.
  • The answer to WWJD is help a child.
  • When two things battle for the same time slot on your calendar it is not a conflict but a matter of prioritization.
  • Wording matters.
  • DD and DS1 have been delightful children and DH and I are very lucky people.
  • God's plans for your lives are bigger and brighter than anything you could have ever thought of.
  • Dishes can wait.
  • 2 kids + 1 kid = way less time, way more laundry & more dishes, and way, way more groceries.
  • That being loved consistently without reservation is a right that all children deserve.
  • When you are frustrated, take a breathe.
  • I need a way bigger calendar!
  • Being a mom is the most important job in the world.

and to steal a phrase from one of my favorite childhood songs:

"love is something if you give it away, you'll end up having more."


Andy's Bethy said...

I'm glad you won the fight with his school. One little battle at a time.
I am so excited to see the change/progress that is made, in all of ya'lls lives. (wow, I sound really southern there, don't I?)

Dawn said...

a little southern twang! I like it : )