Friday, January 2, 2009

Think Again

As I was flipping throught my Discover Magazine (one of my favorite magazines), I can by an ad that stopped me in my tracks. The picture of of dusk at a empty hotel pool has a neon sign "Can Jesus Save Hollywood?" reflecting in the water. What??? I asked myself. I scoured the page to figure out what was being advertised. . . The only hint, a web address, and a tag in the bottom right corner "The Atlantic Think Again." Ok, I have to admit this did not help me much.

The next chance I got online and looked it up.

Look very carefully for the question.

At first I wasn't much clearer on what was being sold. A website that made you think - I was intregued. There were questions like:

Why do presidents lie?
Was God an accident?
Are Good Books bad for you?

Apparently, it is a campaign to make people think, but also is an ad for The Atlantic magazine, I can't speak for the magazine as I have never read it, but I can say that this advertising campaign has caught my interest and I've been to the website a couple times now and will have to check out the magazine the next time that I get a chance. In the meantime, maybe you can think again.

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