Friday, January 9, 2009

Reading Essays

Well here is another Reading Challenge issued by

This may be the perfect reading challenge for those of you that are not quite out of the diaper and nap times. It is also a good addition to those of us who have a little more time.

Perhaps 2009 should be a time of thinking, a renisance, a renewal of the mind. Certainly we should have always done this, but this past year has emphasized that the world has problems, there are issues in our society that need to be solved. If our society can create i-phones, OnDemand, and blogs then we, each and everyone of us, can start to delve deeper into the problems of our society and begin considering solutions. I believe that the first step toward this is to THINK, to READ, and to DISCUSS. Essays maybe the perfect place to start as well as perhaps listening to some talk radio. Be sure to watch the news in the morning and / or read a paper. Then talk, debate, argue. I am probably preaching to the choir.

Let us Read, Think, Talk, Solve! Then come here and tell us all about your thoughts.

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