Friday, July 13, 2012

Here I am. Where are you God? - a poem

Here I am balancing numbers . . .
            Is God in these figures?

The phone rings, customers seek for a savior
            To stop the water from leaking in their house,
            To make their drains flow,
            Or to turn the heat back on.
            I try to schedule their solution?

Writing checks, paying bills, moving paperwork back & forth.
            Where?  Where is God in this?

Printing, stamping, filing
          God.  God, do you hear me? Do you know I’m here?

E-mail, Schedule, snail mail

He slumps in his chair, “I don’t know how to deal with this?”
            The caller says, “My husband just died. He used to do all this stuff.”
                        My email pings back, “Thank you.  I appreciate your prayers for my mother.”

Thank you, God, for giving me the opportunity to serve you simply and for allowing me to recognize the benefits of unassuming service.


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