Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Reading for Bible Distribution to Youth

We did this Bible distribution in lieu  of the Children's Message during a Sunday service.  Each member of the Board of Worship and Education took a different segment.  It is our church's tradition to hand out Bibles at the end of the 3rd grade year so that they may bring their Bible's to church in the future and deepen their understanding of the Bible from the children's bibles that many of them may have.  

The Bible also comes with a warranty that if they wear it out, they can exchange it at any time for a new one.

Bible Distribution

Invite recipients up

Today is an exciting day.  Today you will receive a gift that has been prized since the beginning of time. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?  Why do you think this book is so important?  

Those are all wonderful reasons and here are a few more:
This story originally came not on paper but in words.  Words that were passed down from generation to generation.  Words that were memorized and retold until the next generation memorized the same stories.

When paper was made from papyrus, the oldest stories began to be written down.  The books of Moses, called the Torah in the Judaic tradition, and then the entire Tenakh (Ten-ock).  The transcribing of these stories was so special and so important that if one letter was written incorrectly, the scribe would begin again.

These stories of the Old Testament were foundational teachings even to our Messiah, Jesus Christ.  After Jesus came and then was crucified, others wrote.  There were stories of Jesus’ life, the creation of the church and acts of the disciples after Jesus’ death, letters to the new churches that were growing up, and a revelation of future times.  More was written than you will find in this book and so as a newly formed Christian church we met to decide what were the most important pieces to be included in the New Christian Bible.

This book is so important that it was the first book to be printed on the first printing press and for many years and even in some places today, it is the only book in some homes.  It is such an important book that the Gideon’s work to make sure that anyone that wants one has one and in most hotels, you will find the Bible tucked carefully in the nightstand thanks to their work.

Some people have died or been persecuted for this book.  We hope that you too will hold this book with great reverence, but not with reverence like that you might care for a piece of fine china or crystal, but like the love that many of you have probably shown to a “blankie” or favorite stuffed animal.  This book is just a book until you read it, think on what God is saying to you through it, and share it with others.  I encourage you to not just read it once, but many times.  I encourage you to read it backwards, forwards, to find favorite stories or lines.  I empower you to write in it – to underline favorite verses or note comments in the side.  I pray that this book is not just an important book for all time, but the most important book in your particular life.  I pray that you find this a helpful tool to know and understand the God that loves you madly.

As representatives from the Board of Worship and Education on behalf of the whole First Congregational Church of XXXXXXX.  We would like to present these Bibles to XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX . . .

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