Sunday, March 4, 2012

Found Prayer (AKA Capture a Prayer)

Do you find it hard to compose a prayer that properly encapsulates an event?  Here is a wonderful way to be sure that your closing prayer properly reflects all that has gone on: create a found prayer.  During your activity, meeting, retreat record snippets of people's comments.  If someone's words are particularly poignant, touching, or poetic, jot them down.  Continue to add to your found comments throughout the event.  At the end of your time together, weave the words together to praise God.  Often there is little framing that needs to be done.  Perhaps a simple "Dear God, Thank you for bringing us all together today.  We have been blessed with your presence and the presence of each other.  As we listen to each other, we can often find your words speaking to us . . .[add words that were captured throughout the day]   Please allow us to continue to be graced by your presence and help us to continue to hear your words through others.  Amen

I would love to hear some of your captured prayers, and I will try to share some of mind.

This concept was presented in Praying Out Loud, a seminar held at the MAUCC Super Saturday, Ludlow, MA  Co-led by Rev. Bob Johansen and Rev. Anastasia Kidd, Commission for Leadership Development

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