Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas is a Season not a Day

Boy, have we been busy with Christmas this weekend.  Friday, we made gingerbread houses which you will see a post about tomorrow. Saturday, I worked at a Alternative Market (like a Christmas Bazaar) which I will post about later in the week, I picked up DD from a Girl Scout event, and then began the search for our Christmas Tree. And finally, today, we celebrated the second Sunday of Advent at church, had our second Christmas Pageant rehearsal (which I'm thrilled to say seems to be in good shape), found our Christmas tree, and have it fully decorated.  Some people might think it a bit crazy, but I really like dragging out Christmas.  I enjoy Advent.  It is like when you savor a tasty candy in your mouth.  If you chew it, the taste is gone in just one or two bites; but if you suck on it, the flavor lasts so much longer.

If you are looking for some ideas to spread Christmas out, check out my article posted over at Associated Content: Countdown to Christmas: 25 Family Friendly Ideas to Celebrate the Season.  Keep your eye out to see all the other interesting things our family will do this holiday season and please let me know what you are doing.

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