Monday, November 30, 2009

My Baby is 13

We celebrated my ds's 13th birthday. There are no more little ones in our home. DS actually turned 13 last Wednesday, but we had his party yesterday. We gathered family and friends around and ate until I think we may have exploded (We've eaten more in the last week than some small countries consume in a month). It was a wonderful day though.

One of his gifts was this beautiful walking stick that friends of ours made DS. The time and energy his puts into these sticks is amazing. This particular one is made from left over redwood. It looks heavy, but is light as a feather.

The funniest part of the day came prior to the day when we were planning the menu. In lieu of a traditional birthday cake, ds wanted pie and so for dessert we had pumpkin pie and lemon meringue pie: an odd choice but delightfully tasty. And his food choices may have brought him a future wife. The daughter of close friends was at the party and was so inspired by his dessert choice, she swore that if they could have a lemon meringue pie for a wedding cake, he would be the perfect future husband. We all laughed, but wouldn't it be funny if one day we were all cutting pie on their celebratory day.

This birthday though reminds me how few years we have left with them at home. The days are passing so quickly. DD has passed me out in height and DS is only inches away. They are both becoming so responsible and self reliant. Only a few more months and DD will be 15. I look at them at wonder where the time has gone.

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your son! I think that pie sounds like a great dessert choice to a birthday. :)