Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking Proper Pictures to Sell Your House

I haven’t fallen off the planet. We’ve just been completely side tracked trying to find a home and get ours sold. On the positive side, we are finally moving in the right direction. I cannot even tell you how much value our home has lost, but at least things are finally progressing.

Having said that, obviously we have been perusing realtor.com like crazy trying to find our new home. I have become somewhat of an expert about all the listings in our target area. I am amazed at some of the crazy ways that real estate agents show off homes. I wonder if they have ever heard, “put your best foot forward”. I have come by pictures that are formatted incorrectly and appear even smaller than the thumbnail they are already allotted. While I have posted something incorrectly before too, I went back and fixed it as soon as possible. Why would an agent post a picture sideways? And leave it that way? I am also dumbfounded by the toilet pictures.

How does this improve the odds of a sale? Of course, this one also had me scratching my head.

I will try to speak up more often and let you all know what is going on.

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